Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too much Atwood?

I have recently finished read A Handmaid's Tale for my book club.

It is a book all about religious extremists taking over an denying rights to women and many others. Women are no longer allowed to hold property or read or um, talk!!!

I would have totally been killed if I were forbidden to talk!

I had TWO high stress dreams last night that played off the themes in the book.

It turned out that my husband and I were no longer considered married in the eyes of the government because the religious right took hold. Turns out that marriages that did not take place in a church were no longer legally recognized.
We were not supposed to talk with each other, could not be alone together and could not live together.

I was distraught. And angry!

He is my partner and my heart, even if a religious rep did not lay a hand of approval on us.

The dreams involved a lot of us sneaking around, hiding, lying, and crying.
I mean, Todd really misses me when I am not around!

Poor guy.

In one of the dreams I went to the wedding shower of a friend.

I had been invited as a "Miss", but Todd was there too. An old friend who I lost on bad terms was there too, and so was my high school boyfriend...who was wear a lot of makeup:

He was always sort creepy...

Anyway, the really great part was the GIFTS!

She received a set of clarinets:

A pink baby cradle with a giant stuffed bear:

A "Last will and testament" prepared by a fancy lawyer:

A deed to a grocery store:

One of the better logos of all time, that creepy owl says "I DARE you to shop here!".
As a child I did not even accept that it was an owl, I just knew it was scary.

And, oh wait, I mentioned the clarinets!!

These are the things every bride needs.