Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And he thinks I don't know what he does at "work"

My husband came home late last night, hours after I had fallen asleep.

He came to bed, stirred me, and I rolled over and said "Hi honey, did you finish the robot?"

Monday, April 21, 2008

Civic Duty

Last night I dreamt that I was traveling to work via a tour boat not unlike the one I boarded to tour the Thames.

If only this is how I got to work each day!

When I reached port I took a short cut path through some brush, the road less traveled.

My choice did make all the difference because just off the path I saw an unidentified but out of place piece of junk:

I suppose since it was Arbor Day, I picked up this piece of junk and took it to work.

At work a mish mosh of past and present co-workers from my real life all let me know that the government was looking for that piece of junk. Turns out it was a vital missile prototype that could cause great danger.

Leave it to the government to develop a missile that rouses giant gorillas!

It also turned out that the government was offering a $5,000 reward for the thing! All right!

Now comes the anxiety point in the dream: All I wanted to do was get down to the government and turn in the missile junk to get my cash money, but I had too much work to do. All my co-workers kept bugging me and piling things up on my desk, things like:

Stacks of paper

Dirty dishes
Gifts that needed wrapping

And piles of babies
Just another day at the office getting in the way of my government pay out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Turning Japanese

I watched the Japanese anime film Paprika the other day.

It is all about a machine that is invented to enable psychotherapists to record and watch their patient's dreams.

Of course the device gets into the wrong hands and all dream hell breaks loose. The main characters have some crazy and layered dreams, complete with parades, scary clowns, creepy dolls, dead relatives and giant robots.

And I thought I had bad!

The animation is incredible and the soundtrack is gorgeous. The plot is, well, it is what it is and that is all I have to say about that..I guess this is not exactly my genre to review!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Caught in the jam

Last night I dreamt that I knowingly commited a crime that is thankfully not rampant in reality:

I ate a giant piece of toast covered in raspberry jam that was holding up the fence behind a local pizza shop.
The toast I ate did not have eyes or limbs.

And I was caught raspberry handed by a police officer.

I turned myself in, but by the time I got to the officer he was asleep.

I guess I am on the lam now. On the lam and off the jam.