Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Killer baby dream

This morning I had a dream about a newborn baby who was thought to be terrorizing the neighborhood. There was a rash of people being killed by large objects landing on them in their sleep- an armoire or a large oak desk for instance.

Everyone was living in fear and they were tired of cleaning up the messes each day.

For some reason I was brought in to solve the crime and I took to stalking the babe.
The baby belonged to Miranda from Sex and the City. I suppose it was Brady when he was a newborn.

It turns out that invisible forces were helping the baby (or using the baby?) to manipulate these large objects a wreak havoc on the adults. The motive was unclear to me.

With my help, a series of traps was set to prevent the baby from further harming humanity.

The baby was secured as a threat and, though my dream cut off at that point, will probably go on to support the military or the mob.


Mnmom said...

I hate when babies do that

Missy said...

Oh I agree.