Tuesday, January 29, 2008

leave me to lay, but touch me deep

I have been pondering starting a little side blog about my disorderly sleep, so here we go!

I do not have trouble falling asleep. In fact I yawn and fade out all throughout the day. I could lay down and snooze at any time. This is because
I don't sleep, I dream, yeah.
Sleep studies(think various gadgets attached to my body while I sleep in an office come bedroom) have shown that when I sleep at night, my brain stays active dreaming and scheming away more than it should.

R.E.M. is my favorite band and ironically they named after the stage of sleep that plagues my nights. My brain slips into REM 15 to 20 min after I fall asleep, when most people sleep for around 90 min before going into REM. This is sign of narcoplepsy .

As a result, hilarity ensues and I wake up in the morning anxious, tense, frazzled, and ready to go to bed!

I do work with some health professionals to find eclectic ways to work with this, but I figured while that happens I might as well share some of the entertaining things that come out of my sleep!

I hope you enjoy!


Mnmom said...

Holy Cow! Me too! Although I haven't seen a doc yet. I wake up exhausted because I "lived" all night long. My dreams aren't scary, they're just filled with life, and work, and duties, and chores, and emotions. I did an internet search and found it's a symptom of not enough good sleep, as in sleep apnea.

Missy said...

Well, sleep apnea could be a cause. That is when you stop breathing. I think that is a more common reason. I actually had to see a pulmonary person in order to have the sleep study done, but my breathing during sleep was normal.

Missy said...

Oh, and I failed to say:

I hope you can get some help to get restful sleep!

It is a huge drag!