Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Dangerous Secret

In my dream last night I learned that I was the bearer of a secret that would rock the world.

I had to deal with the burden and choose if I dare release the information that could cause great pain for my loved ones and may have the potential to spark dangerous rioting and political uprising.

I was in agony because I knew that the secret needed be shared, but I was not sure how it could be shared without chaos.

I was burdened with the responsibility of justice and the fear of unbridled anger!

I drew in my courage and made the decision to release the truth:

After failed diplomatic relations with the coffee growing nations of the world, the American Government had banned true coffee beans from entering the country and had secretly replaced true, satisfying coffee with an advanced form of Folgers Crystals.

Can you imagine the backlash!?!???

I mean, do not drink coffee, but I do know that once people realized that they were not actually suffering from painful malignant brain tumors, massive depression, early onset Parkinson's disease, and sleep dysfunction, they would scrape together enough combined energy to cause quite a scene!

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Mnmom said...

The truth shall set you free