Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Big Fat Nightmare Wedding

I was happily wed last May. It was a wonderful time and our families were very supportive.

My Mother had a lot of opinions, but thankfully she was patient and is more pass
ive than the family in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so we really had the wedding we wanted.

However, in a dream the other night, my strength did not reign!

In my long and stirring dream my Mother was terrorizing our wedding. She was canceling vendors behind my back and rescheduling with vendors like Wal-Mart and McDonald's. Can you imagine having that horrid McDonald's orange drink at your wedding?

Well, it does drudge up some nostalgia...but even so...

I was completely out of control and continually terrified by what she would think of next.....

* The dollar dance

* A pillar tiered cake with working fountains and figurines of the whole wedding party?

* A Hummer limo

* A reading of the Adam's Rib story from the bible?

All of our wishes and values were being stomped on and snuffed out and yet time kept snowballing towards our wedding day, there was no time to change things back or cancel because we had all these obligations we had to our friends and family who were excited to be there...

I woke myself up giving my Mother a piece of my mind.

I was very upset and I told my sleeping husband we were never getting married again.


mthep said...

your dreams are so entertaining! i rarely dream (or remember my dreams, at least), and when i do it's usually a nightmare. i guess i will just have to stick to guest blogging with ms paint :)

B said...

My mother ruined my wedding...

I only wish it had been with McDonald's orange drink! LOL

Mnmom said...

My Mom picked my organist - it was a disaster!