Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toasty Phone Fingers

My husband came to bed last night and I was already asleep.

He must have stirred me, so I turned to him and said:

"Would you like some mittens?"

He declined, so I said,

"Oh, I'm on the phone with someone..."

(It must have been hard to dial wearing mittens!)

And then he says I trailed off into senseless rambling.

I wonder who I was talking to on the phone, was it you?


Mnmom said...

Yes, it was me, and I was looking for mittens for my nose because it gets so cold at night it often wakes me up.

Mnmom said...

I don't think it's MY sleep apnea, it's my HUSBAND's sleep apnea that keeps me awake. He snores like a freight train. Sleep deprivation can lead to too much dreaming.
I've also noticed that the dreams come in full force if I sleep in, meaning I don't get up at 6am, but instead sleep until 8 or so. Just a thought.
I have two recurrent themes in my that seem totally harmless but they bug me nonetheless. Maybe I'll share them someday